Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have been having trouble with a most annoying cough and by the time Thursday morning class was over I new I probably better go to the doctor and get some cough syrup, since I can't take over the counter stuff. The doctor told me I did need the cough syrup but other than that he felt I didn't have much else going on (ie: bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia) thank-God. Well the cough syrup would knock me out and I wasn't to drive while taking it. So all day Friday was spent sleeping. Today is much better, I feel tomorrow will be back on schedule. I did watch a couple of good movies today, my body is just very sore from all that wretched coughing.

Robin and the new puppy, Abbey, are bonding quite well. Imagine how it will look when Abbey is full grown (she should probably be around 60-70#'s full grown) and still wants to be a lap dog. Robin tells me that Abbey either wants to sleep in her lap or her husbands. We will have to get a picture of that. Here is the picture of Abbey I promised, now don't you agree she is just beautiful?

I have been doing more thinking on that challenged I promised, I do believe it will be a double dare - that would be a double technique on one project. I have the one technique figured out just have to work on the second. So how's this for suspense!!! I am hoping lots of you will take the challenge and submit your artwork for all to see, these challenges could be a lot of fun.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Fun Day

Well I'm having trouble sleeping and I remembered that I didn't post to the blog. Yesterday I had a really wonderful time taking a very good friend to get a new puppy. And we all know just how much I love puppies. Although she wasn't getting an Australian Shepherd (I will forgive her for she did get herself a beautiful chocolate lab. Oh my is this puppy ever cute, her new name is "Abbey". I remember all the joy that Oliver gave me last fall as a new puppy and I am so happy for my friend to be experiencing this same joy. Good things come to those who wait, God has everything all planned out and this puppy came at a perfect time. When I get a picture I will post it for you.

As promised here is a picture of next weeks class. I had a good time working on this project as I had stated I haven't worked with my crimper in a long time. I'm sure you will enjoy this project also. Stamp credits go to Stampa Rosa and PSX, both of which are sadly enough out of business.
Well what's the chances I can fall asleep now.....probably should just go into my studio and work on some projects. My friend asked me yesterday what I am going to work on for "Scrapbook Day" and I'm really not sure. Since its only 5 more days until then I should get it figured out, although, since she has a new puppy maybe I will work on spoiling her dog. I can be good at that.
Have a great day today and just maybe I will get another post in tonight.
Take care.......

Monday, March 24, 2008

I just finished class, it went really well. We are doing "Monoprint Vellum" this week.I love the look of the Thomas Kinkaide stamps with this technique. We can get a lot of color behind these stamps with very little effort. Thursday morning will be another chance for you to join us and we start class at 10:30, would love to have you join us. Remember you can purchase these stamps at Everyone so far has very good luck in getting their stamps they ordered within a week.

I spent the day organizing my card inventory, which is very large at the moment. My Mother-in-Law gets her cards from me and she was running low. So I boxed up two boxes and gave them to her to use, that's much better than having them stashed away somewhere. She can send them out and hopefully make someone's day. That is the whole reason why we make them in the first place. That left me with still two boxes, that's a big enough inventory to have on hand.

I also worked on next week's class which is "Crimp it Up". I haven't had my crimper out in a long time and I had a good time creating with it. I will post those cards tomorrow. I will also have another sample of the Thomas Kinkaide stamps using this technique.

I am working on a "Challenge" for all of you, hopefully will get that posted on wednesday. A "Challenge" is where I will give you a technique and dare (hmmm or maybe double dare) you to make something using that technique. Then you can email me your project and I will post it on my blog for all to see.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter

Haven't been on my blog in the last couple of days because I had some maintenance done on my computer. I am happy to say it is up and running just like new, thank-you Ben. I had to have a new DVD drive put in, also added more memory ( its smokin' now) and had the whole hard drive reformatted. Took away a lot of garbage I acquired over the last three years. Now we should be good for a couple more years. Ben says to me "Now see how long it takes you to screw this up!" Hmmmmm sounds like lots of confidence there don't you think. Anyhow I am very happy with it again.
We are having an Easter Egg Hunt here tomorrow for the grand kids, I can't wait they can't either. My 13 year old says "Grandma, I am only doing it for the candy!" Well I said "That's why I would do it to." Then we are off to Great Grandma's for dinner. Should be lots of family there, my family is a large one. We are expecting 37 for dinner. Unless of course you are joining us and then we can set up another chair. The more the merrier.
I wish all of you a very Happy Easter. God bless!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Easter Card

Credits for this card:

Daisy D's Scrapbook Paper, Tsukineko's Vintage Sepia Versafine Ink, May Arts Ribbon, Bunny Stamp PSX, Egg Stamp Inkadinkado, Happy Easter stamp unknown, Prima Flower, Bazzill Brad, Chalks, Misc. Cardstock, Double-Sided Tape

Hope you enjoy the Easter Card I made for this year. I wanted to do something slightly vintage looking and thought the bunny stamp worked well for that. The distressed Daisy D's paper also added a nice touch. I finished those up this evening, I was beginning to wonder if I was even going to get any done this year and here they are.

I did some Easter shopping today for the grandkids, just had to pick up a few odds and ends for their baskets. I also had to get some supplies for repairs to my computer, will be happy when that is fixed. Its moving too slow, needed more memory and my cd drive was broken had to get a new one.

Its nice to hear from some of you that you are really enjoying the blog, hopefully soon I will get to work on adding a few techniques, a challenge for you, and a project. Maybe I will get some time over the weekend to work on that. Will also be getting a gallery going so you can submit some of your artwork, I also love to see what you are up to.

Until tomorrow have a great evening.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I went scrapping at a friends house today as I always do one tuesdays. Had a great time, I didn't work on scrapping though today, I worked on some Thomas Kinkade images I had stamped and needed to get colored so I could finish the cards. If you haven't tried these stamps yet you are missing out, they are wonderful. The detail is just amazing, we have been coloring them with chalks and they turn out beautiful with just a little work. You can go to to view all the stamps in this line. Make sure you take a peek in their gallery and see what their designers are doing with these stamps, its just gorgeous. Also when you order they ship fast you should have your stamp within a week as long as they are in stock. Until tomorrow have a good evening.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Australian Shepherds, Karli and Oliver

Karli my 7 year old mini australian shepherd.
Oliver my 1 year old toy australian shepherd.
Had a very busy day today, first I went with Jill to the doctor so I could sit with Cedric while she was in for her appointment. We sat in the car and played he is so good, it doesn't take much at all to keep him happy. Then when I came home I had to get the house cleaned up, it always seems to get to be such a mess. Finished that job and was able to spend some time making another card for this weeks class, same style as what I posted on the blog yesterday. Only this one was designed with butterflies, very pretty. Come to class this week and you can choose from one of the two cards to make your own tri-fold. Then it was down to the barn to do the horse chores, and back home to make some dinner. By then it was time for class, we had a good time and made some beautiful cards. I had to skip out a little early to make it to town to the funeral home before viewing hours were over. Now I am ready to snuggle with Karli and Oliver, didn't get to spend much time with them the last two days and they are telling me they missed me. This breed of dog is so wonderful and loving. Have a good night, until tomorrow take care.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A new beginning.....

The Sunflower House is the past and its time to start a new beginning......"Altered Paper Arts". I invite you to join me as I blog each day important events in my life, day to day alterations, and my Art Journey.
Today I spent the day playing with Gina and Julia in Slippery Rock. Their mom and dad are finishing off the basement of their home to make room for the new baby. All the toys will be moved downstairs which will open up another bedroom upstairs. Had a good time with the girls playing hide and seek, chutes and ladders (Dora style), duck, duck, goose, simon says, taking a walk ( a little cold still out there), telling stories, and then we cleaned up the house for when Mommy comes home from her time away. Didn't get any time to help Rob with staining the moldings, wanted to get back home before dark.

Now I should go spend some time on this weeks class project. I have one card done but need to work on another one. Have a little head ache so I might just go to bed instead and worry about the class tomorrow. Here's a peek at the class project, we will be working with brass stencils and embossing paste. Haven't done this in awhile, so its time to refresh our memory. On the left you will see the front of the tri-fold card and in the center is the inside of the card. Hope you can join us for class this week. Remember classes are Monday evening @ 7:00, Wednesday afternoons @ 1:00 and Thursday mornings at 10:30. Email me to sign up for this class.
Have a good evening. Until later......


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