Sunday, November 2, 2008

Class- "Watercolor Joy"

Have you worked with the marl watercolor paper and markers yet, if not here is your chance. I just love the way you can blend with this paper.The first time I saw the paper at convention was a few years ago in The Artful Stamper booth ( ) and their cards are absolutely beautiful. So of course I had to give it a try. I do admit though I haven't used it in a while but I thought it would look great with these ornament stamps. They do look better in person than they way they have scanned in, you will just have to come to class and see for yourself. Bring with you to class your water brush and your favorite tombo markers. You will need three shades of each color you plan to use. (Light, medium and dark) I have also used My Sentiments Exactly ( clear alphabet stamps, they are really nice and Distress Inks by Ranger. ( Its always fun to see different ways to use the stamps and this is part two in the continuation of the ornament stamp classes. Next week we will finish up by using these stamps one more time on vellum. By the way these stamps are by Stampers Anonoymus. ( )
Have a great week.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Card Class - "Cricut Card" I've had my cricut for awhile not and have not taken the time to make cards using one of my cartridges, so now we have it. They really are simple but you can add so much to the cards to dress them up. I have cut out four different designs for you to choose from and then added stamping to dress them up. Although it is calling for some snow early this week we will still be in the fall theme with our class. Card class times are as follows: Monday's at 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. All are welcome to join us in any one of those time slots, the same class will be taught all day. Hope you can make it.

I am still hoping for a couple more nice warmer days to do a little more yard work. I have another flower bed that I would like to get trimmed around. I also like to cover all the beds with horse manure before winter and that's not done. Next week end is not suppose to be to bad so hopefully it will be warm enough to be comfortable for me to work outside.
I have mulched all the leaves and the ones that have fallen since then were all blown away today, so that's good. The goats think the leaves are a great snack, I tease and say they think they are potato chips. You know the old saying..."you can't eat just one." Well that's how they are with those dried up leaves.
There wasn't very many chestnuts from my tree this year, but I did collect the ones I had. Well at least the ones I got to before the squirrels did. I have this beautiful black squirrel that plays around in my yard, and he is very busy putting away those nuts for the winter. There is also a couple hickory nuts and he gets plenty from those trees. Oliver would just love to chase that squirrel but its to dangerous to let him run. He just would be so involved in chasing the squirrel he would never listen to me to come back, and the squirrel could run out into the road. Not a good thing.
I am really going to get busy making my Christmas cards. I have had the stamps that I want to use for them since last spring and haven't started. I need to get them done, so I can not be rushed at the last minute. I usually make around 100 cards, but this year I won't have as many to do. So I will probably start with 50 and see from there how many more I will need to do. Do you have yours done yet???
Have a great evening.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Class - "Making Memories Grommet Tool"

Oh my gosh do you even remember who I am. I have been a very neglectful girl and I am so sorry. Have had a lot of things going on and just haven't been able to concentrate on one thing. I'm back and hopefully will be able to keep up now for awhile.

In class this week we will be working with the Making Memories Grommet Setter...which by the way is very easy and adds a wonderful embellishment to your cards and scrapbook pages. I have a stash of handmade background papers that you can choose from for your background, then you can add an image or a message, a little layering, attach your grommet and wala you are done.
My Class Schedule has changed: All classes are now on Monday's at 10:30 a.m., 1:00 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. Please take note and I would love to see you for class.
My very favorite time of the year is here and boy have we had some beautiful days lately. I love to see the leaves and I do believe in my area they are probably in their prime now. Take some time and go for a drive and drink in all the beauty that God has given for our pleasure.
Max has certainly been giving me an experience I will never forget. Oliver and Karli were both such good puppies and then along came Max. I don't believe I have ever had a dog that chewed as much as this little guy does. I even came to the point I decided three dogs was just to many and I needed to find a home for Max. Well... I even went so far as to ask a friend if she might be interested. It wasn't a good time for her to take on a new puppy and actually before she even got back to me with her answer I had come to my senses and realized I really couldn't part with him anyhow. He has been getting a little better and he also is coming to know his crate rather well. I don't like leaving him in it for very long but I also don't like to come home and find my house trashed and things smashed. I do have to laugh though.....he has found more ways to get into trouble than I think any of my kids ever did. Oh the life of a puppy. Its as interesting as a 2 year old.
Have a good evening........

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Class - "Bandana Technique"

Wow talk about procrastinating. I did a wonderful job of that this week. Here is the card for tomorrow mornings class, this is a fun technique, be ready to be loose and carefree and to doodle away the morning. We will also be using my rectangle nestabilities, just can't get enough of those things. These cards really do look like we used bandannas to make the background, don't you think.

Hope you all a very safe and enjoyable holiday. I had a wonderful time visiting my nephew and his new wife in their beautiful new home on Sunday. They invited us up for a picnic, and she did a great job for her first family picnic. Then on Monday my brothers and I celebrated my Mom and Dad's birthdays. My Dad turned 75, he said he felt like he was 13 again, well maybe he really did, who knows. My Mom turned 70, she said its no different than the day before, that would be my Mom.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes things go the way they do in life and wish they would have turned out different? That has happened lots of times but what I have learned in life is that no matter what may be, the only one who can make you happy is yourself. You need to look toward your inner self and decide what you really want out of life and see how much of that you can do for yourself. If you wait and rely on someone else to do it for you, you will always be disappointed. Then in turn you will be unhappy and be looking for things to make you satisfied. I have also learned that by asking for God's help you can be a very happy person, he has ways of showing you just what is really important in life and helps you to handle all of life's disappointments. I have recently had to come to terms with a really big disappointment in my life and God has helped me to count my blessings. Not that I am still not disappointed but I can handle this and life does go on. So when life gives you a lemon remember to make lemonade!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Its finally here, surgery day for Sophia. Early tomorrow morning Sophia will have her heart surgery that is so needed. I am asking for all of your prayers for Sophia, her family and the doctors. This will be a very stressful time for all of them. I am in awe of all the people who are praying for Sophia and who have also put her on prayer chains. I thank each and every one of you, God is sustaining her and her family as they go through all of these trials. I just know that after this surgery as Sophia recuperates she will finally be able to grow and become that strong little girl that she is trying so hard to be. In the five months that Sophia has been with us she has only been home 3 weeks out of that time, everyone is looking forward to the time when she can finally be home to stay and it is going to take this heart surgery to get her to that point. As Kim (Sophia's Mom) has been saying through all of this...."Enjoy being". love Bev

Monday, August 18, 2008

Class - "Altered Stickers"

OH no, what ever shall we do, the Inkadinkado birds are not included in this weeks class. I am switching to stickers this week, aren't they cool. Sometimes the stickers available are just not quite right, but you do like the design, so fix them. We are going to use our ultra thick embossing powder to make the stickers just right for our card designs. I did though have to include the nestabilities dies in our class, I'm sure you are not sick of them after only one week. Be sure to join us for lots of stamping fun on Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m.

Here are the "Dragonfly Inchies" for the TICS this month. The line up is as follows: 1st; Cindy's , 2nd; Mine, 3rd; Susan's, 4th; Robin's. I thought they turned out cute. I was lucky enough to have some brads hanging around that were just waiting for this challenge and they fit on an Inchie just perfect. I also used some rub-on stitches and added a little stamping to my background. I applied copper leafing pen to the edges and attached it all to a piece of black card stock. Have you tried your hand at these little pieces of art yet?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Class - "Nestablilites"

Well as promised here are the cards using the Spellbinders "Nestabilites". Did I ever have a good time playing with these and I love the results. Wouldn't you know the Inkadinkado birds have shown up again in this class, bet you are hoping I find a new favorite soon. I have a box of scrapbook paper scraps that you can choose from to use for your background on your card and then you can choose whatever color of card stock you want to cut out your oval nestablilites with. I also have this wonderful brown ribbon from Bazzill that fits these cards perfectly. As a reminder class is open to anyone and it is on Monday evening at 6:30p.m. and Thursday morning at 10:30a.m. If you are not a regular and would like to attend just give me a call or email to sign up.
My sister lives in Virginia and she says it is very dry where she lives, I sure would love to send her some of this rain we are getting. I feel like a salamander, it is so wet and squishy.
Went to pick blueberries today with my son and his family, we had a good time. I did tell them though if I see a snake I am done. After we were all finished and was paying for the berries the man that owns the blueberry patch said he is surprised we didn't see any. They have had a couple pretty big ones hanging out on the bridge you have to cross to get to the bushes. I guess it was my lucky day, they were no where to be found. I hate snakes.......did you get that???? I hate snakes. They just really freak me out, just ask my brothers. Oh my gosh I remember when we were building the Sunflower House a really really big fat one was laying on the cement slab in front of where the shop was going to be. I came around the side of the building and almost stepped on it. I screamed so loud, my brother came out and said what is the matter with you. I just pointed and said "Kill that thing" Talk about flipping out, I was gone.
Have a great week! Hopefully no snakes in your future!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artist Trading Card - "Sewn Pocket"

I received in the mail today a wonderful fun package. I had ordered a set of Spellbinders Nestabilities Oval Dies and a brown journaling pen. So of course I had to play with them and I had to do my trading cards so I justified the time spent in my studio playing today. They are marvelous and so much versatility with them, now I am regretting ordering one set. I didn't have the Wizard Die Cutting Machine but the package said they work with any machine and I have the Zip-e-Mate and they are very compatible, with a little practice. I can see so many possibilities for using these in all my projects, next week we will use them in class and you can experiment with them. I used one of the dies to cut my oval and then I used the same die to emboss it. I used the same die to make my pocket, I cut it out, embossed it and then cut it in half. I then used one of the smaller ones to make my insert for my pocket. I rubbed chalk around the outside edges of the lighter ones and used ink for the darker one. I also did a little stamping on them and added a neat embellishment. Of course since our technique was a stitched pocket, I stitched the pocket on with embroidery thread. Well I will add more to my wish list, and try more of Spellbinders dies now I know they truly work in my Zip-e-Mate. Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Class - "Inkadinkado Birds"

Oh my gosh will you be able to handle it, to have the card class posted before Sunday evening? I have a family gathering on Saturday and Sunday afternoon so I thought I had better get busy and get them posted. I have had so much fun playing with this set of acrylic stamps that I bought of Inkadinkado's. So here we are featuring it in another class. This week I wanted to see what Inkadinkado was doing with their stamps, so I went to their web site. These cards are not exactly like theirs, but the ideas certainly bounced off their cards. I incorporated Clearsnap's colorbox chalk ink pads, mainly because they worked with my card stock so well, and for embellishments I added some jewels. A friend of mine gave me this wonderful paisley punch, I thought it complimented the owl rather well. I also liked the idea of only rounding two corners of my layers instead of all four, so I had to use that. Hope you like them. See you at class on Monday evening @ 6:30, August 4Th, or Thursday morning @ 10:30, August 7Th.

Poor Max will be making a trip to the vet on Monday to be neutered, so I suppose he won't be jumping any baby gates for a couple of days. That is his new trick now, so much for containing him in a room with a gate. He perfected this skill while I was away and he was suppose to be staying out of trouble in the kitchen which I had puppy proofed. Maybe I should have left him some stuff to get into like paper bags and then maybe he wouldn't have gone looking for trouble. Now mind you he does have a whole box of toys he can play with, but that's not as much fun as getting into things he isn't suppose to. Gotta love those puppies!! This little dog is just full of it, the grand kids have the dogs labeled as such: Karli - The mouthy one, Oliver - The lovable one, and Max - The trouble maker. They have it right the labels fit them all perfectly.

Until next time, have a great day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Card Class - "Altered Scrapbook Paper"

I had a good time while away the last three days with Jill and her family. Learned a lot about and with Cedric. lol We had a couple of doctors appointments, visited Waldameer, Presque Isle, Tom Ridge Center, The Zoo, and stayed in a "Seriously nice hotel" this was Sydni's description, you would have thought it was the Hilton. Missed my dogs but they did fine and were very excited when I did come home, guessed they missed me too.

For class this week we will be altering some scrapbook paper to enhance it a little bit more for our card making. As you see by the sample we will be embossing with white embossing powder, which is my favorite color for embossing at the moment. I love the look it gives and it stands out really well. I also love these little flowers that come in a bottle, they are called "Got Flowers". When you buy the tiny ones you get a really good deal, so many in each bottle. I'm sure you will come up with some really great variations on this technique. See you at class.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Store Closings

They are closings. I feel so sad for everyone who has had to close their beloved shop over the last two years. There sure aren't too many independent shops left. What will ever become of our economy. I certainly don't have any you?

On a lighter are the "Inchies" that were turned in for our "Inchie Club" the "TICS". Its never to late for you to join us and it is so much fun. Our next round of Inchies will be a challenge of "Dragonflies". Don't you just love those bugs, can't wait to see what we all do with them.

I will be posting the class sample late this week as I am going away for a couple of days, so there won't be class on Monday evening, but we will have class on Thursday as scheduled. I'm sorry about this, but am looking forward to getting away for a little while. For those of you that come on Monday evening you are very welcome to join us Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m.
Here are the baby blue herons....remember the pictures I posted awhile ago and promised to get pictures of the babies when they hatched. Well finally I am getting them posted. Aren't they just wonderful, I am just fascinated with these birds. It just amazes me how they nest in these rookeries, such a wonderful family oriented bird.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Class - "Double Embossed Glossy"

Whew the name of this technique is a mouthful!!! But it describes itself perfectly. I have all this beautiful glossy paper and it was part of the inspiration for our class. I did a page in one of the altered books I was working on with some background paper made previously from another class and it gave me the rest of my inspiration I needed to create our technique - IE: "Double Embossed Glossy". Be ready to go home with embossing powder somewhere on you, its a little messy. Maybe the dogs shouldn't hang out under the table while we work this week, I like them just the color they are. Hm mm, maybe we could come up with another technique if we left them there......."Altered Dogs!" Well guess not!!!! Remember class times are Monday evening @ 6:30 p.m. and Thursday morning @ 10:30 a.m.

Its time again to take reservations for our bus trip to the Rubber Stamp Convention. The date for this show is October 11th, 2008. We will again leave my home at 6:00 and return sometime around 11:00. The cost for the bus is $55.00 initially, we will settle up the day of the trip depending on how many go. Could be more, could be less, you know how that goes. So be sure and let me know if you plan on attending.

Have a great weekend,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Class - "Serigraph"

A while ago I did this technique for a demo, you may remember it. It is one of my favorites, combining playing with inks to make backgrounds. We have been using the wonderful set of border acrylic stamps by Autumn Leaves for the last few weeks and this week I will show you how to use them to make a frame. Its nice to be able to use a set of stamps in many different ways. You will need to bring a brayer to class - no Carole not the 4 legged brayer either!! Class times are Monday evening, July 14th @ 6:30 p.m. and Thursday morning , July 17th @ 10:30 a.m. Hope to see you here!!

As many of you already know Sophia was able to come home last Wednesday, July 9th, alas the stay wasn't for long. By Friday evening she was once again taken back to the hospital and is in ICU. Right now Sophia is a very sick little girl and is struggling for her life. Please keep her, her sisters and her mom and dad in your prayers. My heart just breaks for all of them.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Class - "Faux Embossing" & Inchie Challenge

I have had a wonderful day playing in my studio and have accomplished a lot. It is so relaxing there, to bad there are others things in life sometimes that get in the way. Actually I don't really mean that, I love all the others things in my life. We all need diversity to keep us from getting to bored with one thing. And yes, all my life in my studio would get boring and lonely. So anyhow for class this week we are going to be doing a technique called "Faux Embossing". As you can see with the samples this is a very soft look and really does look like the embossing you would do with a stencil and a light box. Without the hassle.....yea! You are welcome to join us either on Monday evening at 6:30 or Thursday morning at 10:30. Just give me a call and let me know you are coming.

I also finished my "Inchies" for the TICS Challenge, which is "Butterflies". Here is a sample of mine. I stamped a large butterfly and then scanned it and made it much smaller. Then I printed it out and cut it out to create the one you see here. I took my one inch piece of purple card stock and stamped a background stamp on it with versamark and rubber over it with spring green pearl-ex. I added some small pieces of gold outline stickers and edged the card stock with a gold metallic marker. I then curled my wings of my butterfly and applied yes paste behind them so they didn't flatten out and attached it to my one inch square. I also attached a gold rhinestone to the tip of the wings. If you haven't experimented in the "Inchie Art" you must give it a try. Its challenging enough and very rewarding to see your finished project. I made a couple extra "Inchies" and here is a card that I included one of my "Inchies" on.

I also finished up my Altered Book today, had it almost done and just needed to add a few finishing touches. I can't show you a picture because its Holly's and I know she reads this blog. Sorry Holly, no free peaks.

Hope your day was as rewarding as mine, till next time......

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Class - "Scalloped Borders & Faux Stitching"

So you don't have that right color of scalloped border to finish off your scrapbook page or card, join us for class this week and learn how to make your own with punches. Then we will use markers to add that extra touch to finish off our project. Class times for this week will be Monday June 30th,evening @ 6:30 and Thursday July3rd, morning @ 10:30. The Bunny stamp I used is from Cornish Heritage Farms, don't you just love the little one. CHF has several other very cute animal stamps, you outta see the skunk.

Well I am feeling just a little drenched, did you get all those storms this afternoon? I was working out in the flower beds adding another spot, had my layer of horse manure down and the rain just made a mess out of the whole thing. I am hoping tomorrow will be dryer so I can fix that back up and then go get the top soil. I bought a weeping blue spruce, and white pine shrub, and a Japanese ground cover. They will look really nice in the spot I am working on, then I need to find some sort of bench or chair to put in there. Many years ago we had a couple of those metal lawn chairs, not like the ones today that you fold up, they were stationary. I was hoping they were still in the barn tucked away in a corner, but alas they were not. I may go to a couple antique stores to see what I can find.

Stay dry and have a great evening.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Class - "Shadow Stamps and Inks"

We will be using Hero Arts Shadow Stamps for class this week to make a couple of cards that will have that Victorian look. I have also include a special for you, crocheted flowers for your embellishment. Add a little lace and a tag and your card is complete. The tags were made using a punch from McGill and I used a Making Memories safety pin to attach it to my flower.
Follow the directions below to make your own crocheted flowers.

ch5, sl st to beg ch to create loop

ch2, (counts as first sc) 13 sc in loop, sl st to ch 2, next round (ch4, skip 2sc and sl st in next sc) 5 times, sl st in last sl st space, next round (sc, half dc, 2 dc, tc, 2dc, half dc, sc) in each chain 4 space, sl st in 1st sc space, end off. This will make a 5 petal flower.
Add some variations by using different color thread for your first two rounds. ie: yellow center, purple flower petals. Use different weight crochet cotton and different size crochet hooks to make different size flowers. (For some of the heavier cotton you may need to start with ch 6)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Robin's Inchie Journal

Robin has done a wonderful job on her "Inchie Album", I love the handmade paper and the cute little inch worm that she cut with her Cricut. Robin made her album from scratch and it was bound together using the Zutter. This is a very cool little tool, if you like to make books, albums, journals, etc. you might want to look into getting yourself one. I was a bit intimidated with mine at first but its so easy there is no reason to be intimidated.

Here's another peek into my flower garden. My Dad made me this donkey for my garden several years ago, isn't he just sooo cute. Nothing was blooming here yet, I will get more pictures when it has more color for you to see. Have a great evening.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I filled my first page in my "Inchie Album" with Inchies that I made using Mosiac Punches and Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. They are pretty cool. I added a little information in my journal about how these were created, My next page will have "Inchies" created from members of our Inchie Club the "TICS".

Here is a picture of my Foxgloves that are just opening up. Thank you to Linda for giving me a few of these beautiful flowers a couple of years ago. Just look how they have spread. Oliver wanted to be in the picture, but he was too busy sniffing around to actually look at the camera. How is your garden doing, send some pictures. Would love to see what you are up to.
Have a great evening!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

More Inchies

Cindy's Album is sooo cute, just love those little inch worms. Now we will have to work on filling that album up. Its still not to late to join the TICS (The Inchie Club (s)). All you have to do is let me know you want to join and then get busy making those Inchies for each member of our club. Its that easy.

Cindy also was very creative in making a card with her "Inchies". I also share her love of horses and I just love the way she incorporated them into her artwork. Send me your Inchie Art work and you to can have your Art published on my blog.

As I have heard said the best laid plans will sometimes fail. Well Sunday didn't go as planned. I was going to get the porch cleaned and then go get those annuals for my pots. Then I was going to spend the rest of the day in my studio. Well I was side tracked and I spent most of the day cleaning. The house looks great and the floors really shine, the porch is also nice and clean. But I didn't go get the flowers nor did I work in my studio. But I did get some time today to spend in my studio and I finished up the class project for this week. We are going to be working with Art Impressions Watercolor Stamps. Here is a sample. You will make 2 different Watercolor Cards choosing from 6 samples. Class time for this week is Thursday, June 12th @ 10:30 a.m. Hope you can join us.
Have a great evening!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Garage Sale

Whew!!! Its over, and am I ever glad. Garage Sales can be fun and I did have a good time, but I am even happier that its done. All the preparation gathering stuff for the sale, then the setting up, then sitting out it that sweltering heat (and it was hot), then storing it under the tables for the evening, back up in the morning to set up again, setting in the heat again all day, then the tearing down and disposing off all the left over stuff. Whew!! The girls did well with their lemonade stand and the money goes to a cancer foundation to help children with cancer. Now tomorrow I will get my porch cleaned back off and then go get the annuals to plant in the pots, then it will be back to work in the yard. No rest for the wicked they say!

Tomorrow I plan on spending the whole day in my studio, hopefully I will have something to post tomorrow night for you. I have missed working in my studio and having artsy time. I have a couple class projects to make and then I need to work on my altered book and trading cards. Robin had shown me some really neat spirelli pieces that she had made and I am hoping to cut some patterns with my cricut and try my hand at spirelli. Its really cool and looks great on cards or scrapbook pages. I want to do a large one and use it for a frame on one of my scrapbook pages. So if I work hard on what I have to get finished first I hope to have time to play with the spirelli.

Have a great evening!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The New Gardener- "Max"

Meet my new Gardener-"Max". His speciality is tilling, but he will also do a little weeding. Don't you just wish your Gardener was as handsome as mine??? He also doubles as the "Pool Guy". Any mud hole will do, he will try cleaning it out to make it a little more presentable. Yesterday he was so dirty by the time he was done work, he really had to take a bath. Today after he cleaned the pool, he was acquainted with the hose. Which he really didn't mind at all. This little dog has so much energy and is very entertaining. I do wish he wouldn't chew my living room furniture and my legs, kinda hurts the legs. If he could only hear he would think his name was "No Max". I just love puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds. If you feel something is missing in your life maybe you need a puppy. I would be happy to go with you to pick it up, just ask Robin, we make a good puppy team.
Garage Sale starts tomorrow, wow is it suppose to be warm out there- 92 degrees, I'm thankful for some shade in my front yard. I will be glad to get all that stuff off my porch, none of this stuff comes back to the house. It must be either sold, given to charity or just put in the dumpster, either way it will be gone. Thats a rule I make when I do a garage sale, don't keep it after the sale get rid of it. There is no sense in sorting and cleaning out if you are going to keep it if it doesn't sell. It kinda defeats the whole purpose of a garage sale, in my opinion. Stop over I might have a treasure for you!!!
Have a great evening!

Monday, June 2, 2008

So Sad!!!

Well Sophia isn't coming home as planned, what a disappointment. The Doctor's don't feel her feeding is going well enough so its back to transitional care for another week. I pray that's all the longer she will need, her family needs her at home. I understand that will be the best place for her right now, but its still so sad that she can't come home as expected.

My daughter, daughter-in-law and I are having a garage sale here this weekend so I have been very busy preparing for that. Yesterday my DH and I cleaned out the shed, today my daughter-in-law and I cleaned out the upstairs of what used to be the shop. I had a ton of stuff for the garbage, lots of stuff to burn, lots of stuff for the garage sale, and a little stuff that I am saving. Its pretty incredible the stuff we think we need to save and then haven't used it for a year or two, and end up disposing of it like I stated above. It feels good to know that those two spots are all cleaned out. Tomorrow I have a closet in the house I want to clean out, I'm sure there will be lots for the garbage, burn, garage sale and still stuff to save. Both girls are busy sorting through stuff of their own plus stuff of the kids. My front lawn should be quite a site come Friday. So stop in I might have just the item you have been looking for. The sale will be Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Class for June 2nd and 5th, 2008

"Fun with Matting"
Here is a sample of next weeks class. Boy did I have fun cutting out all those scalloped mats with my Cricut, kept pulling out lots of colored paper. Then decided I had quite a stack it was time to stop. So the fun didn't stop there, then I proceeded to make 5 cards for this weeks class samples. And again I decided it was time to stop, I could have kept going all night. These cards are fun and simple to make and the choices are endless. So stop in for class and see how creative you can be.

The gardening is coming along well, hopefully this week I will get my annuals in the pots. Its sure is challenging doing the gardening with Max, he just loves it. Oliver and Karli never thought it was that much fun. Today Max dug a hole and had his head all the way in it, when he came up he looked so proud of himself and was quite dirty. I have also found out that Max likes water and he likes it dirty. Any mud puddle he finds he has to see what is at the bottom and pull it out. You can just about imagine what he looks like then. Guess he shouldn't have had all that white on him, he will never look clean. Max is also quite fearless, today we went for a walk and he seen the horses. Well he thought they looked like fun and wanted to go right over. Sometimes we just have to save these critters from themselves, he doesn't know the horse could hurt him. Oh the life of a puppy, talk about ADD, these little guys sure do have a bad case of it. Well enough on the puppy charades, have a great evening.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy Week

What a busy week I have much to do. I have my porch all done and have been working on the flower beds around the house....made big progress on them today. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I am hoping to get more done on those. The dogs have been loving the time outside, it sure does wind Max up. He can run pretty fast. Max also likes to work in the flower beds, I did some tilling and then went back with the rake to smooth it all out and then Max followed behind me digging more holes. Then he lays in them and looks at me to say "Look what a wonderful job I did." Oh boy, so its back to the raking for me to smooth them out again. Can't get mad at him because he looks so darn cute. For the final raking I put all the dogs back in the house and told them it was nap time. Big meanie that I am. Wish I would have had my camera it would have made a really cute picture, Max laying in his freshly dug hole.

Great long last.......Sophia may come home on tuesday or wednesday. The surgery she had last week has done her a lot of good and if all goes well she will finally get to come home. This is the best news her family has had in a long time, can you imagine how excited they are to finally have their daughter be able to come home. It makes me want to cry because I am so happy for all of them. Thank God for this wonderful news.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Class for May 29th, 2008 - "Embossing Powder Coloring"

I believe the first thing that drew me to Rubber Stamping was the Embossed look. I loved the
texture it created and how it almost appeared magical to watch the powder melt in to an embossed image. We will carry this one step further by using different colors of embossing powder and then inks to add several colors to our image. The little charm embellishments are by Lil Davis Designs and they add just the finishing touch to our card. Join us for this class on
Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. May 29th, 2008.

I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday weekend and that it is a safe one for you and your family.
I am spending my weekend getting my porch painted, have to get it done before it starts raining again. I have the wicker and the iron glider all painted and have started the railing on the porch. It is such a tedious job, but so rewarding when it is done. I am looking forward to warm summer days with the porch all cleaned and painted, sitting with my dogs and reading a good book. So up bright and early tomorrow morning to get the picnic foods made and then spending the rest of the afternoon finishing up the railing. The next nice day I get I will have to rent a sander to sand off all the loose paint on the floor and then can get that painted. Then I can get my flowers and be ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I will get you some pictures when its all done. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"TICS"....The Inchie Club

Ok so can you guess the first theme challenge for our club........its "Butterflies". Rules are your finished piece of art must measure 1" x 1", it must be centered around the "Theme Challenge" for the month, you must make one inchie for each member of the group, you must have your "Inchies" delivered to me by the second Saturday of every month. So the first round will start on June 14th, 2008 and you will have until July 12th, 2008 to complete your first challenge which is "Butterflies". If you are mailing them to me you will also need to send a SASE along for the return postage. It would also be a good idea to sign the back of your "Inchies".

Monday, May 19, 2008

How are those "Inchie Albums" coming?

Here are some "Digital Inchies" I created using a section of a card I had made. Aren't they just so cool. The designs you can get from just one card are fairly endless. Here's the card. This technique is called "Faux Collage".
Our challenge started out with making little 1" square pieces of art which are called "Inchies". From there the second part to our challenge was to make an "Inchie Card" using your "Inchies" as the focal point. The third part to our challenge was to create an "Inchie Journal", now are you thinking this is all leading up to something? You're right, how about an "Inchie Club"? The Inchie Club (s).......otherwise known as the "TICS". If you would like to participate please email me to sign up. Doesn't matter where you live you can participate, the postal service does a great job delivering mail even in my rural area. This will work the same as our Trading Card Club, only thing changes is the size of art you are creating. I will give you a list of members and let you know the theme for every month and you will create an "Inchie" for each member of the group. Mail your finished "Inchies" to me and I will divide them all up and mail them back. You will need to send a SASE with your "Inchies" to get them back. Please sign up by June 1st, 2008 and the club will start July 1st, 2008 with our first round of "Inchies". Looking forward to hearing from you!!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Next Weeks Class - "Punched Flowers"

"Punched Flowers and Border"

Many times when we are doing a project we have left over papers, either from Scrap booking or Stamping. A really good way to use up some of those papers is to use them with our punched art and that is what we will be doing in this weeks class. As you see I have incorporated many different flower punches with the same paper to make a very pretty card. This also is a tri-fold card, creating a little more interest. We start with a 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper and we can get both a greeting card and a gift card out of that one piece, leaving no scraps. This makes a beautiful co-ordinated set for the card and gift. I will be excited to see what you come up with for your combinations. That's most of the fun for me, is to see what everyone else does with the idea and how they all vary.
Please join us classes are held Monday evening @ 6:30p.m. and Thursday morning at 10:30 a.m. Just e-mail and let me know you are coming.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

T-Ball and

Went down to watch Gina play T-Ball tonight. What fun that is those kids are just so darn cute. Gina did hit the ball three times tonight with being pitched to and not using the T. She also played all three bases, what a good little ball player she will be. Those little kids are just all over that ball when its hit, the whole team will run to one spot to get the ball, soooo funny. Then they just end up bumping into each other and it takes longer for someone to finally get the ball. One of the little boys on the other team could throw that ball from third to first and be accurate too. These kids range in age from 3-5 and some of them sure are pretty small.

Karli and Oliver babysat Max while I was gone. Must have gone well they were all still happy when I came back. Poor Holly didn't have such a great time, Karli has diarrhea and had a messy butt that Holly had to hose before she could come back in the house. I would say that that was a little above and beyond the call of duty. What a trouper that Holly is, Karli and I both appreciate her a lot. I am told by the vet that all this grass eating the dogs are doing right now if because this spring grass is nice and sweet, bad thing though is the end result can be diarrhea. On the other hand I did just open a new bag of dog food so it could be that too. So she is now eating canned vet food and rice until her system is back to normal then I will slowly reintroduce the dog food and if she has problems again I will know it is the dog food and not the grass. Oliver had a case of the same thing a couple of days ago, he is better and I am just starting to reintroduce the dog food to him. Hope it all goes well. Now aren't you glad you stopped in to read my blog and hear all this wonderful news about dogs and diarrhea. Hey you never know what will be discussed here!!! Have a great evening......

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Max discovered Joe's ice cream bucket that he had left sitting on the floor. As you can see he thoroughly enjoyed licking it clean. He has settled in very well, you would think he has been here forever. Just another wonderful dog to add to my pack, hmmm should I stop here. You know there are more colors of these dogs......I don't have a red meryl, tri, or a yellow golden. Well in all honestly three is enough and I won't be getting another for a very long time. But I sure do enjoy them.
Went to Robin's today for scrapping, but we didn't scrap. Robin and Cindy wanted to make a journal and use the Zutter for the binding. I said sure we can do that, I just used it on my "Inchie" album and it works great. Well the best laid plans always seem to go astray. Everything that could go wrong did of course. This is a wonderful little gadget but you do have to follow the directions to a T or it won't work right. And you do have to be able to use a ruler accurately. After all the little mistakes they did make some very beautiful journals and we did have a good time. Lesson for the day..."Never be to sure of yourself."
Have a good evening.....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Versamarker Resist Class

This weeks class is "Versamarker Resist" and what fun it is. There are many many steps in this class, but its worth the work, just look at all that color. As you all well know I love to play in my inks and get messy, well this isn't too messy but we sure will play with many brands of dye ink pads. Please bring to class with you a H2O brush, versamarker or embossing marker, and rubber gloves if you don't want ink on your hands.

I hope all of you that are "Mothers" have had a wonderful Mother's Day even though the weather wasn't real warm it wasn't a wash out either and we can be thankful for that. I had some time alone to spend with my rubber stamps and that was wonderful for me.

Sophia is doing better after her last bad episode this last week and I am very thankful for that. Rob and Kim sent me some pictures while they were down visiting Sophia today via: cell phone. That's so cool to be able to get the pictures like that. What a wonderful time for Kim to have all three girls together for Mother's Day.

Oliver and Max are getting along great. Oliver is getting a little taste of how if feels to be played so ruff with. He is so ruff with Karli and I keep thinking Karli ought to do a little reprimanding, but she is just so gentle. Now Oliver should do a little reprimanding with Max and he is just as gentle with him. They sure do know who is the puppy and are very good with them. Here is a picture to show you a sample of just how well they are getting along.

Have a great evening, love Me


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